15th Oct 2014

The Millennium guide to Birmingham

The Millennium guide to Birmingham
Whether you’re into music, art, history or shopping, there’s bound to be something in Birmingham to excite you. In fact, with so much on offer we wanted to compile a useful guide just for you. It’ll be available for download soon, so watch this space.
Chef's Recipe Book
09th Oct 2014

Chef's recipe: A taste of... Sheffield

Keeping in line with our celebration of all things local, we’re bringing you a truly traditional dish from the Copthorne Hotel Sheffield. Head chef, Mark Jones, uses locally sourced produce and some of Yorkshire’s most celebrated ingredients to create a tasty lamb dish, guaranteed to warm you up this autumn. Give it a go yourself and share your version with us via Twitter using the hashtag #TOTTChef. We can’t wait to see your results!
03rd Oct 2014

The Millennium guide to Cardiff

The Millennium guide to Cardiff
Cardiff; capital city of Wales and all round fascinating hub of history and culture. With so much to see and do we thought we’d compile a handy guide on what to do when you stay in Cardiff. Whether you’re visiting the city to check out the local cuisine, take part in water sports or see what the Doctor Who Experience is all about, we've got it covered. The guide will be available for download soon – watch this space!
05th Sep 2014

Toast of the Town – Yorkshire landscape photography tips

Toast of the Town – Yorkshire landscape photography tips
Riding on the crest of our ‘Toast of the Town’ wave, we’re back! This time shining the spotlight on Sheffield.
The UK
04th Sep 2014

Visit the UK’s hottest attractions in the hottest areas!

Every year the Met Office releases a weather report detailing the UK’s hottest areas. These areas benefit from better weather. Why? Well, a number of factors: proximity to the coast, population density and even things like number of valleys. This year the Met Office revealed that Cardiff, Cornwall, London and Stratford-Upon-Avon are officially the UK’s hottest areas.