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08th Feb 2016

12 things you didn’t know about pancakes

It's almost that time of year again - the glorious twenty-four hours in which it's acceptable to consume as many pancakes as humanly possible without physically bursting. It's a fact that we Brits love Shrove Tuesday and each year it's like we've been deprived of the delicious yet oh-so-simple snack for decades. We all know how to make them and we all have our favourite toppings, with most of us arguing that it has to be just so to be just right. So rather than bringing you a load of tired old Pancake Day recipes (you can't reinvent the wheel), we thought we'd bring you the ultimate pancake-fan fact sheet instead. So without further ado, we bet you didn't know…
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20th Jan 2016

The bright lights of Britain: Iconic movie locations around the UK

The UK is a hotbed of famous filming locations, with some – scratch that – a lot of the world’s best cinema being made right here over the years. From James Bond to Bridget Jones, Sherlock Holmes to Mr Bean, many of film’s most renowned and loved characters have walked the streets of this humble old island.
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11th Jan 2016

Five cultural celebrations that show the rest of the world how to do January

Here in the UK we largely associate January with dark days, empty wallets and the post-holiday blues. But, as hard as it may be to imagine under the overcast skies of Britain, some of the biggest, brightest and most extravagant celebrations are happening around the world right now. Whilst many of us are trudging back into work and looking forward to a month of alcohol-abstinence and budgeting, there are people all over the world that are gearing themselves up for quite the opposite.
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09th Dec 2015

Get your skates on at the UK’s coolest outdoor ice rinks

There’s nothing more festive than getting wrapped up in your woollies and donning a pair of ice skates come this time of year. And where better to do it than right here in the UK, where some of the most impressive outdoor rinks in the world are set up every winter. Take Somerset House, for example, where people from London and beyond flock every Christmas to skate in style. And then there are the German markets that pop up across the country, whose ice rinks bring with them a true taste of Bavarian culture. Read on for Millennium & Copthorne’s top picks of where to get your skate on this Christmas.
The UK
02nd Dec 2015

Off the beaten track: The M&C guide to Christmas shopping

The thought of Christmas shopping often induces nightmarish visions of never-ending queues and angry mobs of disgruntled customers. Not for the faint-hearted, many of us put off hitting the shops altogether come December and opt for online retailers instead. But where’s the magic in scrolling down page after page of products online?
The UK
30th Nov 2015

Discover the hidden gems of… Newcastle

Newcastle is one of the great northern cities that simply must be visited at least once in a lifetime, if not more. And now you can ensure that on your trip you can do what the locals do with our handy infographic guide on where to eat off the beaten track.